Is Farmhouse Style Just a Fad?

I have never had a home that was decorated in such a way that you might find it on a magazine cover. I haven’t figured out how to have that and live in it too. I know people do it, but I haven’t figured it out. So, I’ve never really followed decorating fads and nor do I want to. I like what I like and am not too terribly conserved if it suits the world. I do, however, really like farmhouse style. I think it strikes a cord with me because it looks so livable. I have built several pieces of furniture for our home and I always add a bit of distressing so no one in my family feels bad about putting the first dent or scratch on it. So it already has a bit of a lived in look!

I love to find vintage things that are useful! The phrase “they don’t make them like they used to!” is so true! I cook in vintage cast iron in my kitchen, I sew on vintage sewing machines, and I use vintage items for storage. I love finding something at an estate sale or a thrift shop that still has plenty of use left and I get a bargain! I don’t pay a lot of money for my finds because I don’t want to feel too bad when they get worn out or break, which is ironically not very often. But…I like authentic items. I prefer to buy something old vs something new in most cases. But sometimes new is better. There are so many options today with new items that look like they have seen a lot of trips around the sun. Target and Hobby Lobby both come to mind with having very authentic looking pieces. I have never really looked as decorating my home as being an investment, so I don’t put a lot of our family’s finances towards decor.  Buying new items, on sale and with coupons, can be a time saver for busy families.

So I think that’s why I like farmhouse style. And I think that’s why it works for so many families.  It feels comfortable and livable.  That’s what home means to me!

I like things in my home to not just have a home but also have a job. A purpose. They have to give me a reason to dust them. Don’t get me wrong, a some pieces are just for looks but, the older I get, the more I value the real-estate in my home. Things have to earn a place around here. I think that philosophy goes hand-in-hand with farmhouse. Farmhouses were very utilitarian places. The lady of the farmhouse could make things beautiful but the things still had purpose. That’s what it’s all about for me.

So, no, I don’t think that farmhouse style is a fad. At least not in my home. But I honestly believe that is because I am not trying to decorate my home solely based on a “style”. Instead, I am building a functioning, sensible, and inviting home that is easy to live in. That’s what us Farmgirls (real and displaced) are all about.